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What on Earth is a Himmeli? And how do you make it?
Have you ever heard of a HIMMELI? Us neither! But we found someone who had heard of it - and what’s more, they also wanted to teach us how to make one! We were lucky to have The Saturday Market Project join us here at Winterville, so we sent over some HoFT roving reporters to find out more!


Our first HoFT reporter, Tierney Patel, found out straight away that the himmeli is a Scandinavian tradition. ‘The himmeli is made of the best pieces of wheat linked together with high-visability yarn,’ he reported. ‘It brings good luck to the harvest.’ When we asked Tierney if he enjoyed making his himmeli he told us ‘it was easy to make and was very fun’ and that he’ll ‘definitely make more at home!’



Aalia, 5, told us she will use hers as a decoration and Mia, 8, let us know about her experience: ‘I went to ask the lady. She told us about himmelis - they have lots of triangles on them and they are weird.’



To find out a bit more about the Saturday Market Project and why they wanted to teach us about the himmeli, we sent over HoFT examiner Stella to conduct an interview!


Q. What is the Saturday Market Project?

A. A company that works with with artists and designers which teaches people how to use different materials and tools.


Q. How and why did it start ?

A. The company started because Lara thought it was too difficult to find different tools and materials of a high quality. The company is based in London and New York. It is an online market place for exceptional supplies. We also partner with artists using traditional and modern techniques to create new projects. It's a new company - launched September of this year.



Q. What artists have you worked with?

A. We have collaborated with Katherine Pogson, an artist who uses leather and Marine Daraselle. We also created pieces with 'Barn the Spoon’


Q. Do you run every Saturday?

A. Open Monday - Friday, and we do weekend events.



Q. What's the largest himmeli you've ever made?

A. We worked with IDF to create a massive himmeli, composed of many smaller ones, attached together to create a huge bridge. Around the size of the blue nose maybe bigger *.


Here are the instructions, created by the SMP, to make your own himmeli at home. You will need some straws of wheat but you could use any kind of yarn or thin, tough string - the SMP suggest high-visability yarn because it is reflective in light, adding a bit more magic to your average hemmeli decoration!


IMG_7863 IMG_8154









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