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Professor Bonker-Lonkas Reveals a Secret

Oliver Wallace

At the Urban Village Fete Professor Bonker-Lonkas (the famous intergalactic ice-cream adventurer) was spotted meandering about tumbling a mysterious blanket-covered thingy-ma-jig. Well, marvellous reader, we knew you would be enraged if we didn’t immediately discover what gelato-related mechanism the old coot was man-handling – and luckily the Professor was more than happy to oblige our inquiries:

professor bonkers

“This? Why it’s my brand new Wernham Salty Ice-Cream Tester Tumbler – it makes ice-cream in just 8 minutes and 13 seconds!”


A few more questions and we HAD THE SCOOP hahahahahahaha…. erm…

We all know Professor Bonker-Lonkers is constantly searching the universe for new, wonderful flavours for his Intergalactic Ice-Cream Parlour. That is his life’s mission – he lives for ice-cream and the moment he discovers a new flavour possibility he wants to try it out right there on the spot. The only problem was that having to carry his freezer around with him was getting quite tiring. But then he bumped into inventor April Wernham. He told her his sorry tale while they split a banana split. Quick as a flash April invented a solution –she told him how to use the power of ice and salt to instantly make an ice-cream taste tester! She had used the method herself to when she invented her incredible ice-cream churning tandem bike.

Suddenly wherever a new flavour occurred to the professor he could instantly create a sample to test it out! Stupendous! – so what new flavour did he have in the machine when we met him – we hear you scream at the top of your ice-cream loving lungs? It was Slug and Dandelion… delicious actually…slug and dendelion

Well marvellous reader if your voracious mind is dying to find out just how salt and ice can possibly instantly freeze ice cream click here….

Or if you want to make your very own Wernham Salty Ice-Cream Tester Tumbler click here…

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