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What was the Most Foolish Thing You Have Done?

In preparation for the hatching of the Ogulon, edifiers are casting the spell of wanderlust to help protect the Ogulon. The spell of wanderlust is cast at a statue of Fools in a Ship. To cast the spell each edifier makes up a special name for each fool and describes what foolish things each fool might do next.

HOFT reporter Lucy, aged 10, asked edifiers who were casting spells at the statue about the most foolish things that they have done.

  1. Laugh at my sister when she’s cross.

  2. Lost the front door key.

  3. Hit my brother.

  4. I walked all the way from town to home backwards.

  5. I put tea my coco pops.

  6. I was riding my pony in Argentina and somebody hooted the horn at me because they recognised me and my horse ran away and flung me into bushes and my top was off my back.

  7. Went for a walk in Scotland not telling anyone where I was going and suddenly the fog came in and I got lost.

  8. Running backwards and I fell over and broke my arm.

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