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cowering in a cave"The cave which was not a cave.

But it was a house.

And a white figure emerged

And a skeleton.

It was a person dressed up as a ghost."

Viv, aged 5, was brave enough to share this story with us of her scariest experience. She was stood under the statue of a giant spider with an egg in its stomach at which egg-edifiers pass, one by one, with solemn faces, to cast the Spell of Binding Threads.

Each edifier sits alone, under the legs of the giant spider, and talks about the time when they were most scared, and what made them feel safe again.

We spoke to Lucy, aged 8, who had a particularly harrowing tale to share with the readers of the HOFT Examiner:

“I couldn’t go to the toilet for three years” revealed Lucy after she had left the spider after casting her spell of Binding Threads. Her hands did not tremble but maybe she was pretending at being brave. But if she was pretending she was pretending very well.

spider“It was a ghost story my drama teacher was telling me about this bathroom. About a word that you said three times, and then a face would appear in the mirror. I couldn’t go to the toilet for three years.”

“how did you not burst” We asked Lucy.

“no! I can go to the toilet. Just not that toilet.” Said Lucy.

Of all the spell-casting stations at which the egg edifiers are casting their spells, the Spider is the most solemn. They sit under it, one by one, and tell their stories of being scared. And yet, after telling the story of the thing that made them most scared, the participants have expressions of joy on their faces as they leave.

The Ogulon is yet to hatch. The spells are still being cast. The egg edification process continues.

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