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The Spell of Double Reality
double reality“I saw arms going up and legs going down.” Said Evie, aged 5, who has hair like pasta.

There are lots of people are running backwards and forwards and lifting their arms up and doing quick little jumps and twitching and pulling faces at their faces which are reflected in the glass. The glass is in a giant curving S and is on the centre of a stretch of grass and people are using it to perform “The Spell of Double Reality.”

Evie said “The ‘S’ is quite mysterious, I think it shows when you look through on one side you can a different reality. I think it is ‘S’ shaped because it curves into another world. The thing on the two sides are quite different on one side the buildings are small and simple, but on the other there are big buildings with massive windows.”

“It did not look like any kind of dancing that I have seen before. It could be dancing. One person was running backwards.”

This dancing is part of the egg edification process to protect the Ogulon, which has been detected at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Somerset, that will soon hatch.
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