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The Roving Nose
The Cleverest Thoughts
cocoonAt the site where the Ogulon was due to hatch, the people waiting for the hatching, who call themselves egg edifiers were making a giant cocoon from the cleverest thoughts and happiest memories to protect it.

“We spent three days in the sea-side house and there was this rainbow and we were skipping outside, and there were very pretty flowers that were like the rainbow.”

Thea, aged 7 told us. She drew her memory of this happy thought in very bright colours to be part of the Cocoon to protect the Ogulon.

Arthur, aged 9 told us his eyes are like no other in the world, because he sees everything in happiness. The sun is a huge smiling face. He can run so fast, you can see people running. He was so overwhelmed with happiness that he dived into a lake. And that’s what he drew as his panel for the cocoon. The materials that he drew with were pastels.

cocoon portrait

Zoe, 7, drew a scrumptious easter egg decorated from all the colours from gold to green to purple. The patterns were delicate with spots and zigzags. It was an easter egg she was given in 2014, and it was a very happy memory so she chose it to draw to help make the cocoon of good memories to protect the Ogulon when it hatches.


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