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Rumours spread of the ogulon hatching!  

At 15:22 we heard direct eye-witness reports that they had seen someone saying that the egg had hatched. They say that the egg broke in half. And that the person who saw the hatching got eaten, and then the creature dived into the ground.

The HOFT Examiner was suspicious of this rumour for two reasons.

Firstly, no one who told us the story had seen the hatching. They had only seen someone tell the story of someone seeing the hatching.

Secondly, the Ogulon is supposed to be a beautiful creature who has heard the song of a thousand planets before finally arriving at earth, where she heard the song of joy and wisdom and life and harmonised with the beauty of it. The eddifiers have woven a cocoon of joy to protect the Ogulon as it hatches. It would not eat anyone.

When the HOFT Examiner made these concerns apparent to the spreader of rumours they said that the Ogulon swallowed the person whole without a bite because its mouth was so big.

The HOFT Examiner has since checked with edifiers who have told us that the egg has not yet hatched. We warn our readers to ask questions before believing what they are told about the Ogulon, because at least one group of people are spreading rumours not based on truth.

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