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Roving Reporters Call

The HoFT Examiner is back on the hunt for the next best roving reporters. All sorts of reporting skills welcome from writing, drawing, scoring, singing, shouting, tasting, making and inventing! The HoFT Examiner is recording live to the farthest reaches of the universe and beyond, broadcasting in all 15 dimensions.

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From 23rd to 26th April 2015  The HoFT Examiner is setting up its editorials office at The Other Art Fair in London and we need you to help us fill our newspaper full of phenomenal stories.

We'll be travelling back to the past to meet the famous bearded men of the 20th century through Gavin Turks beard project. We want to find out what makes them so famous. Do their beards hold secrets and wisdom? You find the stories, and we'll share the news.

Do you have a nose for news? Stop by at The Other Art Fair and become a roving reporter.

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Roving Reporters Call
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