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Really old book found in caravan!
We think you’ll agree that books are pretty magical, especially old ones! So we were really excited to hear that there was a REALLY old one somewhere in the House of Fairy Tales’ Winterville tent! First of all we needed some investigators to find out exactly where this book was hiding! We found just the lady for the job - HoFT investigator Grace, aged 6. She came back after her investigation to write us this report on her experience:


‘Once upon a time there was two little girls and they met a young lady. ‘Can you find an old book?’ She said. ’Yes,’ they said, so on the way they found a hat and a lego dress. They looked in a caravan and the found the book. The end.’


Once Grace had located the book, we knew who the owner was! Artist Jennifer Binnie! One half of the Binnie Sisters! We wanted to speak to Jennifer about this especiallyold belonging of hers! So we sent some more HoFT reporters over to the Gypsy Caravan, where Jennifer was displaying her and her sister’s artwork, to find out why this book was indeed, so magical!


‘What is the book?’ we asked, when our reporters returned! A young (and unfortunately anonymous) HoFT roving reporter replied: ‘it’s called Grimm’s Fairy Tales and I found it in a gypsy caravan. It’s from 1908. Queen Victoria was England’s queen. We did a rubbing of the front cover as evidence that we found it.’


‘It is 106 years old,’ Gabriella, 5, reported.


Amirah told us ‘it smelt like rotten paper’ and ‘it felt like rough paper.’


Cyndnea, aged 7, reported back with a mysterious warning. She said, ‘do not go in the caravan! I was very brave.’


We are also very brave over here at the HoFT Examiner HQ, and we love the gypsy caravan, so we went over, despite Cyndnea’s warning, to see for ourselves.


The book contains many German fairy tales collected by two brothers called Jacob and Wilhelm and was first published in 1812. You might recognise some of the stories from other books or films. Do you know the story of Rapunzel? What about Snow White? Snow white was first published in the Brother’s Grimm book! Most of the time no one knows who the author of a fairy tale is because these kinds of stories were passed down, by word of mouth, for generations. They can also vary from country to country. For example, did you know, in Albania, the main character of Snow White lives with 40 dragons and her deep sleep is caused by a ring!


The copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that Jennifer had brought along was so old it was falling apart, but inside it still contained all it’s magic and wisdom. Jennifer told us she loved the book so much because there were so many lessons to learn in all the stories. She said that in her opinion it was good to have a bit of scary stuff in a kids book, and that the Grimm’s tales were just as good to read as an adult as they were when she was little. She showed us some beautiful illustrations inside and then pointed out some references to the book in her own paintings. ‘I take a lot of my inspiration from this book,’ she said, ’it’s very clever, a lot of the stories still tell us things about the world today.’
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