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It’s the Urban Village Fete!


On the Greenwhich Peninsular, on the very spot where long ago the Green Witch Marsh thrived and oozed, something strange and lovely is happening. Just as they have done for thousands of years Human Beings are gathering together to share their skills, ideas and meriment in a fair.urban village fete

It’s the Urban Village Fete!

This edition is bound to be full of inventive minds, brave deeds, fantastic smells, competitions, games and japes a-plenty! Anything could happen and we bet you can’t find out what…

…well nor could we – so we asked someone who already knows. Tara-Lamara the Time Travelling Princess says:

“When you interview me at the end of the day I’ll say: It was just wonderful – one of the best things I’ll ever already have been to – except that I ate too much ice-cream before the Spinlympics and I’m sick which won’t be very convenient when I’m going to pop in on last Tuesday for my mum’s birthday party afterwards but at least my new braids looked pretty in the pictures”


Blimey, sounds like it’s going to be tense-tangular! We look forward to getting the scoop!*


We’ll leave you with The Tin Can Oracle’s Weather report:

tin can oracle

Erm… So … wear a hat?.. probably?




*But not too many scoops – we don’t want to get sick like the Princess…