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The Giant Ogulon Egg
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Gifting the ogulon with your dreams

Thea: “Can I make something” “yes” “what shall I make?” “how about moss” “how do I make moss out of clay?” “well try it and find out.”  ...

what’s a plandet?

what’s a plandet? It’s halfway between a cadet and a planet, it’s a planet in training.


Top Tips for Weaving a Cocoon of Joy

George age 17 reporting for The HoFT Examiner interviews the Egg Edifiers and gets the top tips for making a cocoon of joy.   Cocoon Egg Edifier experts...


What was the Most Foolish Thing You Have Done?

In preparation for the hatching of the Ogulon, edifiers are casting the spell of wanderlust to help protect the Ogulon. The spell of wanderlust is cast at a...


More rumours… 

In the excited atmosphere ahead of the hatching of the Ogulon, rumours and conspiracy theories continue to fly. The latest rumour is troubling. The latest rumour is that...

ogulon sketch

Where the Ogulon Goes When it Hatches.

It will probably lope around for a bit and then fly off. Then it’ll go to space… I don’t know exactly which part of space it will go to....

CLay Egg


Days before Ogulon is due to hatch, knocking has been heard at the site of the hatching.


Rumours spread of the ogulon hatching!  

At 15:22 we heard direct eye-witness reports that they had seen someone saying that the egg had hatched. They say that the egg broke in half. And that...

cocoon portrait

The Cleverest Thoughts

At the site where the Ogulon was due to hatch, the people waiting for the hatching, who call themselves egg edifiers were making a giant cocoon from the...


NEWS FLASH: Weather Report

Due to inter-dimension travel there will be large bouts of sleet across the southwesterly areas of Somerset. We will also be experiencing prime Ogulon hatching conditions: grey skies...