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cold green water…

we were lost in a forest of pond weed

                                             and still we shrank     

                                                                      a newt drifted past, its smooth sides seeming like an oil tanker

                                                                            still we shrank

                         we were so small now that we could have swam easily through the eye of a needle,

                                                        we shrank…

We turned to the Green Witch

No longer a shambling, gooey lump- she had transformed –  elegant fronds and diaphanous tendrils ribboned from her as she whirled around us.
“exssssplore” she bubbled “when you are ready find me in the heart of the Volox”

Then she streamed downwards like a coil of blue-green algae and was gone.

We looked around us and as our eyes adjusted to being under water we were amazed.

All around us there was life, beautiful, strange life that we had never seen before – we began to explore…